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18th of March 2009
The Imperial Gates reached towards the sky like enormous obsidian spear-heads, and the Kwarthe guard outside towered almost as high, their polished shells gleaming in the artificial light. The guards carried no weapons, but they hardly needed to. Their natural protection could withstand a nuclear explosion at relatively close range, and their spiked exoskeletons made them, at close range, the most formidable opponents. Gleika had always been attracted to the glossy carapaces, the sheer awe-inspiring size of them, the impassable black depths of their alien eyes. Grrrpt felt the call from the living quarters and lumbered through the gateway. The Kwarthe could move as fast as an eyeblink if they wanted to, and as smoothly as poured Aldo-metal, but most of the time they appeared clumsy. It set their enemies off-guard.
Taking a shortcut through the breeding tunnels, Grrrpt�s insectile brain noted that the call had come at a good time. They were running low on host organisms.
A highly evolved parasite, the Kwarthe required a warm-blooded host in order to incubate and feed their young. As a general rule they would take lower order species, preferring to keep a good relationship with the more intelligent members of the Glyxt-Thalm Empire but prisoners, especially those taken for treason, were seen as fair game.

Tamara rolled to the ground, feeling the sting of the tesla whip catch a single point on her back as she was a half-second too slow to evade it entirely, still stunned by the explosion of sound that was the Glyxt�s autonomic defence. Gleika smiled a little, and licked her lips as she saw the little welt rising already on the smooth skin of Tamara�s back. She struck again, the whip this time wrapping around the concubine�s lithe body, sparks flying in all directions as the young woman bucked and writhed against the evil electrical device. Gleika pulled the whip back to strike again, as the most pain was created in the moment of contact, but as she pulled back her arm to strike she was bowled over from behind.
�Frakk!� Gleika had forgotten that she was dealing with two women and not just the one. She hit the ground heavily, her breasts still bare from the earlier attack, and scraping on the floor. Still she managed to keep hold of her weapon as Tanara leapt onto her back, dragging the other hand behind her back.
�Let go of the whip, bitch!� Tanara hissed into her ear, jerking Gleika�s head back by the hair. She struggled and heard some strands tear, as Tanara fought for a better grip. Tanara reached down with her other hand and grabbed Gleika�s catsuit between the legs. With barely even a ripping sound, the clinging fabric gave way, and Tanara thrust her hand into the other girl�s crotch.
�I knew it!� She crowed. �Soaking wet. The bitch is enjoying this!�

Gleika hissed and flailed with her free hand, managing to catch Tanara with the tesla whip across the shoulders, making her jump. She swore, and clenching her hand in Gleika�s thicket of blonde pubic hair, pulled hard.


Grrrpt shouldered through another of the Palace�s interminable entry membranes and felt the call intensify from his small pink mate. She was in pain! --
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